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Article: Should You Get Yourself An LED Light Therapy Mask?

Should You Get Yourself An LED Light Therapy Mask?

Should You Get Yourself An LED Light Therapy Mask?


Beauty comes with a price, but sadly, not all expensive treatments work. Here’s one beauty treatment that delivers on its promises: LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy. 

LED light therapy in the form of an LED mask is a type of skin treatment that uses the same technology as in-clinic LED procedures performed by trained aestheticians. While this at-home device may not be as strong as your dermatologist’s LED machines, LED masks are more convenient and are likely to yield the same results in the long run. The technology doesn’t come cheap at $100 to $1000 a pop, but it’s worth a try especially when these masks have virtually no side effects. 

What is LED light therapy? 


LED light therapy is the use of UV-free, non-heating LED bulbs to treat a variety of skin conditions. The light energy that penetrates the skin activates photoreceptors which then

triggers natural cellular processes such as collagen production, healing, and regeneration.  

What Do LED Light Therapy Masks Do ?

LED light therapy is a type of phototherapy for the skin that uses LED bulbs to release beneficial light energy. NASA first developed this technology in the 1980s to grow plants in space. The healing potential of LED light evolved in the medical setting and made its way into the beauty industry as a skin rejuvenating treatment. 

Essentially, all LED light therapy masks (regardless of color emitted) work on one concept: light energy that penetrates through the skin’s surface to activate photoreceptors. These receptors capture light and mount a series of natural processes that are usually beneficial for the skin. One of these processes is the production of collagen, the protein that keeps the skin soft, supple, and young. There are other processes and skin-altering effects that may also occur depending on the visible light color used. 


What Are The Benefits Of The Different Colors In Led Light Therapy?

How Often Should I Use An LED Light Mask ?

Here’s another convenient reason to get yourself a seven-color LED mask. You don’t need to purchase separate masks in different colors. There are LED light therapy masks or devices that come equipped with different visible light colors to target various skin concerns. 

  • Red Light - the color for anti-aging and wound healing; promotes increased blood flow and collagen production
  • Blue Light - the antibacterial light, that destroys acne-causing bacteria; regulates oil production
  • Green Light - the color that lightens skin and improves pigmentation as well as the appearance of fine lines
  • Yellow Light - the deep-penetrating light that promotes better hydration for a smoother and more refined complexion
  • Purple Light - the anti-wrinkle hue; promotes cell renewal and improves lymphatic drainage
  • Light Blue Light - the soothing kind; calms skin allergies and inflammation
  • White Light - the all-in-one light; enhances nutrient absorption

Which LED Light Masks Should I Try?


Which LED Light Masks Should I Try?

Having your own LED light therapy mask at home allows you to easily incorporate this treatment into your skincare routine. To help you decide, here are the top-selling Project E Beauty LED light therapy masks. 

Photon Skin Rejuvenation Face & Neck Mask Skin Rejuvenation Photon Mask Lumamask LED Light Therapy

This game-changing LED beauty mask utilizes close-to-natural light waves that penetrate the layers of skin, activating photoreceptors that trigger the skin’s natural processes. Project E Beauty’s LED photon mask is equipped with 99 (face) + 40 (neck) non-heating LED bulbs and features 7 visible LED colors, each with its own unique skin benefit. 

Project E Beauty’s LED face mask has 150 UV-free, non-thermal LED bulbs that emit 7 light energy colors with different skin benefits. These benefits include enhanced collagen production, reduced wrinkles, improved skin tone and brightness, and more. Use this LED light therapy mask to complement your anti-aging or anti-blemish routine. 

The Lumamask also uses natural light waves in 7 different colors to address a myriad of skin problems. This ultra-light and completely wireless LED mask is easy to use. At the touch of a button, enjoy quality skincare time while doing other things such as work or chores. Some of its benefits include tightened pore size, improved skin tone and texture, and faster acne healing.


How Often Should I Use An LED Light Mask ?


Why do you need to include this in your skincare routine? LED light therapy promises better skin without the inconvenience of serious skin treatments such as long hours of use and heavy machines. 

For starters, treatments using a LED light therapy mask or handheld device can be done up to four times a week starting with 10-minute sessions. Once favorable results start appearing, reduce treatments to twice a week - you may do longer sessions for up to 15 minutes each. LED bulbs provide pure light energy and are very powerful so there is no need to amp up usage to achieve better results. 


 written by Olivia Khader



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