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Article: PRODUCT REVIEW: Blue LED+ Acne Light Therapy

PRODUCT REVIEW: Blue LED+ Acne Light Therapy

PRODUCT REVIEW: Blue LED+ Acne Light Therapy


Acne is most often a stubborn skin condition that affects adolescents and adults all the way up to their 40s. While there is no known cure for the condition, there are a lot of available methods to effectively treat persistent acne. For mild to moderate breakouts, there is blue LED light therapy to complement your personal anti-acne skincare routine.

LED light therapy or phototherapy lists a variety of proven skincare benefits under its belt. The treatment is a convenient addition to your beauty routine in the form of masks or portable handheld devices. Blue LED light therapy is a suitable choice for acne-prone and oily skin. To learn more about this innovative treatment, Melissa Mahoney of Worldly Roamer tried out the Project E Beauty Blue LED+ Acne Light Therapy and noticed visible results after just one use. 

How Does Blue LED Light Therapy Work?

How Does Blue Led Light Therapy Work?

The conveniently wireless Blue LED+ Acne Light Therapy device is equipped with 40 LED bulbs that emit UV-free and non-thermal light energy. Blue light with a wavelength of 415 nm penetrates the skin layers at .5 mm deep to activate photoreceptors in skin cells. This action helps trigger natural skin processes such as healing and repair. 

Blue light is great for mild to moderate acne and can even take care of any skin inflammation that you might have. 

What Are The Blue Led Light Therapy Benefits?

Using blue LED light therapy for acne and oily/sensitive skin types should help make your anti -acne treatments more effective in a shorter amount of time.   

High-intensity blue light penetrates the follicles and pores to shut down the metabolism of acne-forming bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes, killing them in the process. This type of light may also help in regulating the activity of oil glands which reduces the possibility of acne and blemish formation. To facilitate skin healing, blue light soothes and has a calming effect on inflamed and irritated skin. Minor benefits include minimized pores and a tightening effect on skin. 

What’s Inside The Package?

Project E Beauty Aqua Collagen Gel

Aside from the actual unit, the package comes with a bottle of Aqua Collagen Gel to help supplement your skin’s natural collagen reserve for added anti-aging effects. To protect your eyes from harmful exposure, Project E Beauty includes a pair of safety goggles to wear during the treatment. The rest of the packaging contains a charging cable and a detailed instruction manual that should be read prior to first use. 

Melissa’s Blue LED Light Therapy Routine

What Are The Blue Led Light Therapy Benefits?

Initial use of the product on a patch of skin is recommended especially for individuals with sensitive skin types. Melissa first conducted a patch test on her arm and got no adverse reactions. She applied the Aqua Collagen Gel  on her face and notes that the lightweight formulation feels good on her skin. Don’t forget to wear the protection goggles before using the blue LED light therapy device on your face.      

There are two operating modes to choose from: the pulsating light mode and continuous light mode. Melissa used the blue LED light on problem areas for one minute at a time. The device produced a beeping sound every minute which she used as a prompt to move on to the next area. The first use lasted for just 10 minutes and required no downtime. 

Amazing Results In Just One Day

Prior to testing out the Blue LED+ Acne Light Therapy, Melissa had great results with another Project E Beauty product, the Photon Skin Rejuvenation Face & Neck Mask. She found equally amazing results with the blue light treatment. A day after using the device, Melissa noticed that the few large acne areas on her skin already dried up. She recommends using the blue LED light therapy device 4x a week for 10 minutes each session. 

There’s a lot of blue light therapy reviews that you can check out. For one, read Melissa’s complete review here

More On How LED Light Therapy Works

LED light therapy is a clinically-proven skin treatment backed by various studies and skincare expert reviews. Red light, in particular, was first used by NASA to heal wounds faster in space. The Project E Beauty Blue LED+ Acne Light Therapy is a user-friendly and non-invasive device that emits healing and soothing blue light. This light energy works just below the skin’s surface to control oil production and inhibit the formation of acne. Experience improved complexion with regular use.

Blue light energy penetrates the pores and hair follicles to break down excess sebum clogging that causes skin inflammation. It’s the perfect companion to your anti-acne regimen as it speeds up healing and prevents new pimples and blemishes from forming.

Excessive oil secretion is one of the main causes of acne and blemish formation. Treating your skin with blue light helps you take control of oil production, regulating the sebaceous glands to produce less sebum. Less sebum means fewer skin problems.

This handy device has 2 operating modes. To help your skin adjust to light therapy, choose the pulsating mode for quick bursts of light energy. Once your skin gets used to it, choose the continuous mode for prolonged exposure to blue light. The treatment requires no downtime and effortlessly fits into any lifestyle. For your safety, the device has a built-in safety timer feature that automatically turns off after 10 minutes of use. 

Get Your Blue LED Light Therapy For Acne Today

Discover the benefits of blue LED light therapy and never look back on complicated and ineffective treatments again. Project E Beauty’s Blue LED+ Acne Light Therapy easily fits into any skincare routine and lifestyle, portable and very convenient to use for uninterrupted acne treatments that really work.    

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